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When people think of self storage, they tend to have visions of moving house, but it can actually used for many more things. Self storage is incredibly useful for a great number of commercial businesses, and your plumbing business is one that can really take advantage.

Can I use self storage for my plumbing business?

Self storage units offer great versatility, storing everything from your old furniture to expensive tools and equipment. As units vary in size, they can cater for all kinds of storage needs. You can store anything from your tools to materials. They are large enough to house boilers or even bathroom units or you can choose a smaller option to play host to your drills and spanners.

It can be tempting to think that a self storage unit keeps everything locked away for long periods of time, but this does not mean that you cannot access your belongings whenever you need them. You will be provided with access to the self storage site and your individual unit, meaning that you can pay a visit at any time of the day to collect or drop off whatever you need.

Each storage unit is completely secure, so you can be confident that you are the only person with access to your individual unit. If you work as part of a team, you can share your access with anyone that you trust, meaning that tools and equipment are readily available.

Choosing a plumbing self storage unit is easy. Simply take a look at the items that you want to store and compare these with the sizes that are available. Make sure that you choose a self storage provider that gives you the access and security that you need, as well as the right conditions to make sure your items are kept cool, dry and clean.

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The advantages of self storage for plumbers

Self storage is a great option for plumbers as it provides you with a great way to keep all of your items secure. It is much cheaper than hiring premises but still allows you to have flexibility, security and independence. Many self storage centres also provide insurance that will cover you for any losses if the worst does happen. This means that you do not need to keep your tools in your van either, which can help to reduce the risk of it being stolen.

By keeping all of your tools and equipment in a safe and secure container unit, you can also reduce the clutter in your van and at home. You will need to leave less at clients premises and you won’t need to be tripping over stuff in your own garage. This not only keeps everywhere clean and tidy, it also reduces the risks of any accidents.

What to consider when choosing self storage for plumbers

When choosing a container unit for your plumbing business, you will need to consider the access that is on offer. Look at whether there are restrictions on how many times you can visit or whether you can only attend during certain hours. As someone who might get called out to emergencies or have early morning starts, you need self storage that is accessible 24 hours a day.

You also need to think about how you will access the unit. As much of what you are looking to store is likely to be heavy, you will need a self storage unit that allows you to drive your van right up to it in order to make loading and unloading as easy as possible.

You should also look at whether your self storage facility has CCTV. This is one way to ensure the highest levels of security and prevent anyone from gaining access who should not.

Think about the size of the unit that you are going to need. Consider whether you are looking to store a few essential tools or large amounts of materials. You should also consider the cost of your unit, as it will probably be cheaper to hire than most business premises. The cost is often dependent on the size, so look at what your budgets can stretch to as well as how much stuff you are looking to put away.

As situations can change, you might not want to risk being tied into a set term contract for a number of months, so try looking for a self storage centre that provides rolling monthly contracts that provide flexibility that works with your business.

Our available storage containers

10ft storage container

10ft Storage Containers

With a monthly rolling contract at £115 per month, these smaller containers are ideal for storing infrequently used items or furniture, making them accessible whenever needed.

View our Storage Units here.

20ft storage container

20ft Storage Containers

Ideal for plumbers, electricians and other trade sectors, our 20ft storage units offer ample space for tools, equipment, and materials. Available on a monthly rolling contract at just £140 per month, they provide a convenient and cost-effective storage solution for your business needs.

View our Storage Units here.

Why choose Loxleys Self Storage?

At Loxleys Self Storage, we understand your needs and so provide a safe and secure site at all times. Not only do we over full coverage 24 hour CCTV, we also have secured electronic gate access and regular security patrols to make sure that all of your belongings are as safe as they can be.

Each of our containers is completely water-tight and have been treated with anti-condensation paint to make sure your items are protected from damp and moisture and stay clean and dry at all times.

We allow access to your unit seven days a week, and our wide access roads mean there is no difficulty accessing your container unit in Mansfield in any work vehicle. When you sign up you will be given a lock and key for your unit and secure access for the gate so that you can access your unit whenever you need it.

You are welcome to visit our site to see our units for yourself and check out how they can work for you and your plumbing business.

Secure your plumbing tools and equipment today!

Setting up a self storage unit with Loxleys Self Storage for your plumbing business really could not be easier. Once you have chosen the unit that is right for you, we will send you all of the relevant paperwork which you will need to return with two forms of photo identification and proof of address. When this is received, we will provide you with your lock and key and add you to the gate access system, meaning that you can start to use your unit as soon as you like.

Start a conversation with us today, and contact our team for more information.

Why Choose Loxleys?

Our Mansfield site has full-coverage 24hr CCTV, secured with electric gate access and has regular security patrols.

Our high quality containers are water-tight and treated with anti-condensation paint to ensure your items stay dry and clean.

Enjoy access to site 7 days a week. You will receive a lock and key so you can access your container unit whenever you need to.

Sleep easy with secure storage solutions on monthly rolling contracts, starting from just £110 per month.