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Self storage can perform a useful function for many retail businesses. It provides a safe, secure unit where you can keep stock or equipment until you need it without shouldering the burden of expensive warehouse space.

Benefits of Self Storage for Retail Businesses

If you run a retail business, from a high street store to home crafts or an ecommerce website, then one of the biggest headaches can be deciding where to keep your stock.

Traditionally, many retailers would turn to a warehouse, but these are now very expensive options that many small businesses simply cannot afford. Commercial storage units offer a more affordable alternative as they are designed to accommodate smaller amounts of stock.

Self storage units also offer great flexibility, giving you the option to hold the unit for short or long periods of time depending on your needs, and allowing you to add to it if you need to.

The security that self storage sites offer also come as a massive bonus, as the locks, access controls, CCTV and security patrols all ensure that your stock is kept safe. This all allows you to streamline your operations and increase the efficiency of your business.

Common Uses for Self Storage in Retail

Container units have proved popular for retailers when it comes to seasonal stock. It allows you to house things like Christmas items ready for December, or to move normal stock out of the way during seasonal periods. It is also a great place to store your stock if you do not have a physical shop.

Online retailers find it much easier to keep their stock in a self storage unit than having it taking over their garage or kitchen table. It also means that any stock which moves slowly can be kept in the self storage unit, allowing quicker flowing stock to be kept close by.

Storage units in Mansfield are useful for other items as well such as promotional materials and marketing displays that are not in use, or for keeping business records and documentation somewhere safe.

How to Choose the Right Self Storage Unit for Retail Needs

Your self storage unit needs to offer you the size that you need as well as good levels of safety and security. Ensure you know how big you need your unit to be and how close it is to your business. Look at how you can access it and compare the prices of a few different units to ensure you are getting the best one for your money.

Our available storage containers

10ft storage container

10ft Storage Containers

With a monthly rolling contract at £115 per month, these smaller containers are ideal for storing infrequently used items or furniture, making them accessible whenever needed.

View our Storage Units here.

20ft storage container

20ft Storage Containers

Ideal for medium and large retail businesses, our 20ft storage units offer ample space for tools, equipment, and materials. Available on a monthly rolling contract at just £140 per month, they provide a convenient and cost-effective storage solution for your business needs.

View our Storage Units here.

How to Make the Most of Self Storage for Retail

Make sure you organise your stock well and have a system for tracking inventory so that items in the unit are not forgotten about. Try a system that allows staff members to log what they have added or removed.

You should also make sure you keep everything clean and organised to make finding what you want quick and easy, and try to plan what you need before each visit to minimise the number of trips that you need to make.

Self storage can work well for small retail businesses as a way to keep costs down but allowing your business to grow at a manageable rate.

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Take control of your business and protect your shop items with the help of self storage for retail If you would like to enquire about any of our commercial storage units, please don’t hesitate to contact us, by either dropping us a call or email, we would be happy to provide you with any details or information required to get you started.

Why Choose Loxleys?

Our Mansfield site has full-coverage 24hr CCTV, secured with electric gate access and has regular security patrols.

Our high quality containers are water-tight and treated with anti-condensation paint to ensure your items stay dry and clean.

Enjoy access to site 7 days a week. You will receive a lock and key so you can access your container unit whenever you need to.

Sleep easy with secure storage solutions on monthly rolling contracts, starting from just £110 per month.