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One of the most popular uses for self storage is as a place to keep furniture. As these often to be large items, it can be hard to just push them into a cupboard and forget about them, and so a proper place to store them is essential.

Storage units are a great solution for storing every type of furniture from beds and sofas to lamps and kitchenware, as it not only offers you as much space as you need, but also helps to keep your furniture free from damp, secure and protected from any accidental damage.

What is self storage?

When it feels as though your house is bursting at the seams, you can need somewhere else to keep all of that extra stuff. Self storage provide secure units where you can keep anything you need to, all with easy access. A reputable self storage setup will have a variety of safety features such as access control and CCTV, and will also protect against damp, mould and extreme temperature changes so that you can be sure that whatever you have stored is safe and sound.

Self storage allows you to come and go whenever you need to, whether it is to add to your collection or take something home again, and as it is so cost-effective you can use it as either or short- or long-term option.

Short term furniture storage

If you are moving house or redecorating, then you may have decided that you need to move a few items out of your house. Whether it is to keep a precious dining table away from paint splatters or to make a room look more spacious without that extra armchair, it can be difficult to know what to do with large pieces of furniture. Short term container units can be a great option, as it can allow you to put everything away for a week or two while you get things done at home, and then bring it all back out again when you are ready.

This can help to make your home seem less cluttered and can keep valuable items free from damage like scuffs and scratches.

Long term furniture storage

Our container units in Mansfield can also provide a long-term solution for your furniture storage. This might be useful if you have decided to downsize to a smaller property, or if you have decided to rent your house out for a while. It can also prove handy if you have family heirlooms that you want to pass down to your children, or if you have cleared the house of a loved one. This means that you can keep items which you have an emotional or financial attachment to for as long as you need to, without worrying about how to fit them into your house.

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Storing your furniture

Your self storage unit should give you easy access that will allow a truck or van to get close, making the loading and unloading process as easy as possible. You will need to think about how to organise your furniture, putting items that are less likely to be needed towards the back, and stacking items where possible to make use of the height that is available to you and not just the floor space.

As large items of furniture are often very expensive, it is only natural that you will want to keep them protected. A self storage option means that you can sleep easily, knowing that your furniture is protected from environmental issues, theft and damage, and you can get on with redecorating, moving or just enjoying your new, decluttered space.

Why choose Loxleys?

Here at Loxleys, we offer self storage solutions that you can trust. Our 3 acre site in Mansfield has over 100 fully secure steel containers which are internally coated with Grafotherm anti condensation paint and are protected by 24 hour CCTV, wide floodlit roads and a telephone access gate system to ensure your belongings are safe and secure for as long as you need us.

If you would like to get a price or speak to a member of our team, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding our furniture self storage.

Why Choose Loxleys?

Our Mansfield site has full-coverage 24hr CCTV, secured with electric gate access and has regular security patrols.

Our high quality containers are water-tight and treated with anti-condensation paint to ensure your items stay dry and clean.

Enjoy access to site 7 days a week. You will receive a lock and key so you can access your container unit whenever you need to.

Sleep easy with secure storage solutions on monthly rolling contracts, starting from just £110 per month.