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Renovating your home can be an exciting but stressful time. Whilst you might be looking forward to that new kitchen or an extra bedroom, there is a lot of upheaval during that time, and it can start to feel as though you are living in a building site.

One big question that many people have is what to do with all of their belongings whilst one or more rooms is being ripped apart.

Here, we take a look at how self-storage options can be a lifesaver throughout your home renovations, by keeping things safe and giving you some much needed flexibility.

Renovation issues

When you are renovating your home, you will need to empty the rooms that are being affected. This is not only to allow your trades people to work without obstruction, but also to prevent breakages of anything that might be precious to you.

A lot of renovation work can also bring substantial amounts of dust with it, and so there are many items, especially soft furnishings, that you will want to keep out of the way.

Whilst some smaller things can be shuffled into another room, bigger items become more of a problem, and it can become difficult to live in any of the rooms in your house when you are sharing them with so much furniture.

This is why so many people are now turning to domestic self storage options during their renovations, as it is a practical and obvious solution to a growing problem.

Furniture self storage

Putting your larger pieces of furniture into self storage buys you a lot more living space in your home during your renovations. Fighting your way around unused sofas, beds and dining tables is uncomfortable and leaves your home feeling cluttered and unusable.

Storing large items like this is a self storage unit protects them from dust and damage and stops you having to keep moving them around according to what is being worked on next.

Container storage allows you to keep everything out of the way until building, tiling and even painting is complete, and you are ready to move your furniture back into the room.

These units are not just great for keeping your wardrobes or bathroom suites out of the way, they can also be used to store curtains, bedding, ornaments, clothing, books and toys to keep them safe and secure.

Paint roller for decorating

Self storage Flexibility

The great thing that self storage offers you is flexibility. You don’t have to move everything in one day, meaning that you can come and go at times that suit you, making it a more gentle and gradual process if you prefer.

You can also keep the unit for as long as you need, so there is nothing to worry about if the work takes longer than expected or if you simply can’t decide where you want to put everything once it’s finished.

Having everything stored in one place also makes it easier to find the things that you need. You can pop back to retrieve anything you want at any time, and you know it is all in one place.

Peace of mind

Storing your belongings in a self storage unit gives you fantastic peace of mind as you know everything is protecting from thieves, fire, damp and mould, not to mention the builders or unruly children.

Storing your items safely can help to make what is a very stressful process just that little bit easier. Keeping everything safe and out of the way and freeing up space in your home allows you to concentrate on all the important aspects of your renovation, with one less thing to worry about.

Decorating house during renovation

How to choose a self storage facility when renovating?

If you’re looking for suitable self storage solutions whilst you renovate your home, there’s a few things to look out for.

Are the units treated?

Ensuring that the containers you use are treated will make a huge difference. If self storage containers are treated (and ours are) you can rest assured that your belongings won’t return to you smelling fusty and covered in mildew when the time comes to transport them back home.

At Loxelys, our container storage in Mansfield use a special anti condensation paint within the interior of all our house renovation self storage containers called Grafotherm®. Which helps to prevent furniture from becoming ruined from the potential growth of mould.

Are they secure?

Of course, ensuring your items are safe and secure is priority. When shopping around, make sure you’re confident that no-one can access your unit that shouldn’t. At Loxelys Self Storage, our site is situated on a purpose built 3 acre facility that receives:

Most self storage units do not offer insurance for your items, so you will need to make sure that you are covered, just in case. Your home contents insurance may cover this, but there are also some great policies available just for self storage.

Is the self storage easy to access?

How easy is it to get to your container? The last thing you want is to turn up in a large van, full of your belongings to find that the road is unsteady or the space around you makes it difficult to get large furniture pieces in and out of your vehicle.

At Loxelys, we have purposely designed our site with ease in mind. Our roads are fully accessible and suitable for cars and vans. We’ve even ensured you don’t come across any surprises such as narrow roads or sharp turns.

You will want to double check the opening times work for you and that you can get your heavy sofa to the unit without breaking your back.

Why choose Loxleys?

Loxleys offer house renovation self storage solutions that you can trust. As a professional, family run business, Loxleys strive for top quality service in everything that we do. Our 3 acre site in Mansfield has over 100 fully secure steel containers which are internally coated with Grafotherm anti condensation paint and are protected by 24 hour CCTV, wide floodlit roads and a telephone access gate system to ensure your belongings are safe and secure for as long as you need us.

If you would like to get a price or speak to a member of your team, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding our moving home self storage.

Why Choose Loxleys?

Our Mansfield site has full-coverage 24hr CCTV, secured with electric gate access and has regular security patrols.

Our high quality containers are water-tight and treated with anti-condensation paint to ensure your items stay dry and clean.

Enjoy access to site 7 days a week. You will receive a lock and key so you can access your container unit whenever you need to.

Sleep easy with secure storage solutions on monthly rolling contracts, starting from just £110 per month.