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Long-Term Self Storage

If you have decided that now is the time to see the world, then you will want to start packing your suitcases, but you will also need to pack up the rest of your belongings.

Leaving home for a long time means that you need to consider what will happen to all of the things that you cannot take with you, and so considering self storage for travel to keep your belongings safe whilst your away can be a convenient option. So, what can our self storage units offer you if you are planning to go travelling and leaving your things behind?

The benefits of Self Storage for Travel

Leaving your property

When it comes to leaving your property behind, it is often advisable to put many of your items into self storage. If you are leaving a home that you intend to come back to, whether it is standing empty or rented out, then you need to make sure that everything is safe and protected, and by putting it in self storage then it will be. A combination of 24-hour security, restricted access and units free from damp or extreme temperatures mean that it is the perfect solution, even for your most valuable belongings.

If you are giving up your home to travel for a while, then unless you plan to sell everything that you own, you will need a self storage unit to keep your life in. That means that when you return and look to set up home again, you have everything that is precious to you, and the larger and more expensive items of furniture already to go.


If you are jetting off and have no idea when you are going to return, then you need the flexibility that self storage provides. Whether you come back in a week or in two years time, everything will be exactly where you left it. Self storage does not require you to commit to a minimum or maximum time limit, so you can keep it rolling for as long as you need to.

Self storage for travel

Saving relationships

Asking to leave a few boxes in a friend’s garage or a grandparent’s loft can often end up causing rifts when your belongings start to outstay their welcome. Leaving your possessions with someone else does not offer any additional safety  and it can often take up valuable space that can lead to resentment or arguments.

This can also happen if you find that your belongings have been chewed by a new puppy or left to go mouldy. Instead, put your things into a self storage unit and your relationships can remain happy and healthy at all times.

Frequent travel

If you aren’t planning on backpacking across Asia but you do travel on a regular basis, then you might not have realised how self storage can work for you. By having a unit on hand, you can always lock away the things that are most precious to you without having to call in any favours and become a burden.


Once you have returned home, the next thing to do is worry about all the luggage you have collected while you have been away, but don’t worry – now you have a storage unit to put it in!

Self storage units are now an incredibly popular choice for travellers as it is the best way to know that all of your most important material possessions, from valuable antiques to treasured memories, are kept safe and protected from theft and the elements. That means you have much less to worry about and can enjoy peace of mind while you go to see the four corners of the world.

Our available storage containers

10ft storage container

10ft Storage Containers

With a monthly rolling contract at £115 per month, these smaller containers are ideal for storing infrequently used items or furniture, making them accessible whenever needed.

View our Storage Units here.

20ft storage container

20ft Storage Containers

Ideal for those with large volumes of belongings, our 20ft storage units offer ample space for boxes, equipment, and other belongings you may have. Available on a monthly rolling contract at just £140 per month, they provide a convenient and cost-effective storage solution for your personal needs.

View our Storage Units here.

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Our Mansfield site has full-coverage 24hr CCTV, secured with electric gate access and has regular security patrols.

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